Other Insurance

While life insurance and health insurance plans are common know, there is other insurance that people may not be aware of. They cover specific risks in their areas with a range of benefits. Some of these other insurances include travel insurance, home insurance, and corporate insurance.

Travel insurance

When you are making your vacation plans do not forget one vital aspect Travel insurance is today the need of the hour. Whether you travel international or within the country, out of home signify FOREIGN GROUND. So, keep yourself, your family. and your luggage protected against any eventuality.travel insurance includes Domestic Insurance. International Insurance, Students Insurance. Senior Citizen Insurance, and Family Insurance.

Key features include

  • Cover for trip cancellation delays
  • Cover four lost, delayed luggage or passport
  • Out/in patient hospitalization coverage
  • Contingency cover for personal possessions
  • Accident cover against death/permanent disability

However, there are certain exclusion to travel insurance too that you should know about. Insurers don’t cover you against missed or delayed flights during riots, war conditions , or natural disasters. Also, you Won’t get any compensation related to pre-existing diseases.

Corporate Insurance

Insecurity, risk, and uncertainty are incidental in corporate Sector. So, the best you can do for your organization and the employees is to avail the facility of corporate insurance. These are ideal for SMEs, Big Enterprises, and Medium Range companies. Different types include,

  • Asset & Property Insurance: Fire Insurance, Shop Owners Plan, Office Package, & Burglary Insurance
  • Group Health & Accident Insurance: Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, Accident Insurance, & Life Insurance
  • Employee Benefits: Group Gratuity Plans, Key Man Plans, & Groups Term Plans
  • Others: Marine Insurance, Liability Insurance, Officers And Directors Liability Insurance, & Professional Indemnity


Benefits associated with corporate are the following,


  • Remain protected against unforeseen loss
  • Diffuse risk by spreading amidst all
  • Risk transfer to insurer improves credit standing
  • Optimally use and invest capital with insurance to take care of emergencies

Home Insurance

Secure your property from natural and man-made calamity with a sturdy HOME INSURANCE.


Such policies give protection against,

  • Damage by man-made or natural agents
  • Burglary or breakage in house
  • Damage & break down of gadgets or appliances
  • Loss of baggage during travel
  • Robbery or theft of valuables
  • Injury, permanent disability, or death
  • Damage through acts of terrorism
  • Public liability
  • Injury/death of workers
  • Post rental damage
  • Rent loss through damage

 Coverage amounts generally depend on the reinstatement value of your property or on the current value in the market. However, when buying home insurance, you should also know about the related exclusions. Such plans do not cover damage due to nuclear explosion, radioactive contamination, invasion, military activity, or acts of war.

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